Earn up to a $50
eyeglass rebate on qualifying premium ZEISS lenses.

Eyeglass Rebate

Offer applies to qualifying ZEISS single vision and ZEISS progressive lenses.

Earn $35 rebate on select premium ZEISS lenses. PLUS earn an additional $15 when combined with a Featured Frame Brand.

Eligible ZEISS progressive and single vision eyeglass lens solutions for the rebate.



✔ ZEISS DriveSafe Individual Single Vision
✔ ZEISS DriveSafe Single Vision
✔ ZEISS Digital Lens
✔ ZEISS EnergizeMe Digital
✔ ZEISS EnergizeMe Single Vision
✔ ZEISS Individual 2, 2I & 2N
✔ ZEISS Precision Superb, Plus & Pure
✔ ZEISS DriveSafe Individual Progressive
✔ ZEISS DriveSafe Progressive
✔ ZEISS EnergizeMe Progressive

Marchon and Altair Frame Brands

Work with your VSP network doctor to find
the ZEISS lens solution that is right for you.

Find a VSP Program practice in your area
Download the eyeglass rebate form
Offer valid February 15 – July 31, 2018 for VSP Members through VSP Premier Program practices.

Plus! VSP Members can try ZEISS DriveSafe Lenses risk-free for 6 months.