Earn up to a $50
eyeglass rebate on qualifying premium ZEISS lenses.

Eyeglass Rebate

Offer applies to qualifying ZEISS single vision and ZEISS progressive lenses.

Earn $35 rebate on select premium ZEISS lenses. PLUS earn an additional $15 when combined with a Featured Frame Brand.

Eligible ZEISS progressive and single vision eyeglass lens solutions for the rebate.



ZEISS DriveSafe Individual Single Vision
ZEISS DriveSafe Single Vision
ZEISS Digital Lens
ZEISS EnergizeMe Digital
ZEISS EnergizeMe Single Vision
ZEISS Individual 2, 2I & 2N
ZEISS Precision Superb, Plus & Pure
ZEISS DriveSafe Individual Progressive
ZEISS DriveSafe Progressive
ZEISS EnergizeMe Progressive

Marchon and Altair Frame Brands

Work with your VSP network doctor to find
the ZEISS lens solution that is right for you.

Find a VSP Program practice in your area
Download the eyeglass rebate form
Offer valid February 15 – July 31, 2018 for VSP Members through VSP Premier Program practices.

Plus! VSP Members can try ZEISS DriveSafe Lenses risk-free for 6 months.

Plus, try DriveSafe risk free!Plus!

VSP Members can try ZEISS DriveSafe Lenses risk-free for 6 months .
Ask your VSP Network eye doctor about ZEISS DriveSafe the everyday pair of eye glasses for driving.